Bookaia respects customer privacy and this policy below determines what information we request of the customer and how we treat it. The application Bookaia Baby is free but we want to be able to contact the customer when necessary, therefore, you must provide your email address. Creating an account through Bookaias application or website you must enter the name and surname, email address and address. It requires that your email address is up to date so we can send you the necessary information about your order. When you place an order you must enter your personal data. This includes your name, address, payment information (credit card or debit card) and names and addresses of the persons that the order should be sent. With your approval Bookaia use this information to send newsletters to you. We send e-mail messages to keep customers abreast of software updates, and special offers and to inform you of new products and services.

We NEVER provide, sell or share customer information to other companies or third parties!
Other companies may however offer its products and services to Bookaia, and then Bookaia will view and filter their offers for it to be highly relevant to the customer. We never provide, share or sell your information to third parties without your approval except in cases where the law requires it.

For all payments we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a protocol for the secure transfer of data via the Internet. The SSL protocol is a set of rules and procedures on how information is processed. SSL protocol processes the data in several different ways, and "reverses" the information. This is done so that the information will not be readable in transmission; this "relocation" is called encryption. Once the information is received by the recipient sees SSL to establish the data in its original order, and makes a check that the sender is correct (Server Authentication), and checks that the data has not been altered in transit (message integrity). SSL uses digital certificates to validate sender, recipient or both sender and recipient of the data transfer. A digital certificate is used to link the information about an individual or organization for a so-called "public key" with two purposes:
1. All SSL Certificates to Internet operated only by companies that is certified certificate creators. This also means that all SSL certificates are unique and correctly made. All applicants for the SSL certificate must prove their company or their own identity in order to purchase an SSL certificate.

2. For consumers, the only requirement to use SSL, the Bookaia iOS application as well as browsers can handle SSL, which is the most widely used web browsers Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer, have been able to since long. In addition, SSL is disabled in your browser settings. If you have questions regarding these conditions, you are more than welcome to contact us.

We handle personal data in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL). This means that personal data is protected in accordance with the conditions relating to the processing of the data. Bookaia take legitimate measures to prevent loss, improper use or alteration of the information you have entered. Our business partner, who has access to your information, subject to a confidentiality agreement and must not use the information for any purpose other than as described in this policy.


On May 25, 2018 the Personal Data Act (PUL) will be replaced by the European Data protection regulation, or GDPR as it is known and Bookaia will update this privacy policy accordingly.